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                        Group Health Plans            
Shopping for the right healthcare plan at the right price can be time consuming for busy employers and managers. Hartnett & Company can do this for you at no cost, freeing up valuable time that can be used for profitable activities. Texas law allows insurance companies to sell a wide array of small employer health care coverage plans and packages. The variety of options can make finding the right employee health plan challenging, but it also means you will be able to find a plan to better suit your employees' needs. When choosing a health plan for your business it pays to shop around.

                             What You Can Expect When You Talk To Our Agents
Hartnett & Company Insurance agents will walk you through the various health insurance quotes from each of the A-rated providers we offer. Our agents will help you find a plan that best meets your needs and your budget. We'll explain all of your options, starting with the difference between the managed care plans.

We'll help you review the doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers in your selected network. Our goal is to find you the right kind of coverage for your situation.

We'll go over all additional benefits, such as prescription drugs, preventive care, mental health benefits, maternity care, and vision care. Lastly, our agents will discuss with you those items that can lower your costs. Outside of age and health history, we will show you how the following can affect your cost:
    Co-payment: The amount you will have to pay each time you visit a health insurance provider.
    Deductible: The amount you will have to pay toward your medical expenses before the insurance company company begins to pay claims.
    Coinsurance: The percent of your medical costs you will have to pay after you reach any deductibles that apply.

Enrollment Meetings 
Your dedicated Account Manager will educate and guide your employees through the initial enrollment process, answer any questions and assist with the completion of required forms.

On Going Administration
Assistance with the processing of Additions, Terminations, changing in status, and COBRA issues will be provided. Your employees can be confident that we will always be available to resolve billing issues, claims and appeals, and work with carriers to correct them.

We will re-evaluate your plan at least 60 days prior to its renewal date. After performing a comprehensive needs analysis we will assemble and present the plan options that best meet your needs from our expansive portfolio of carriers. If another plan is chosen, we will convert your company's plan to one better suited for your present situation.

                                 Group Health Plan Facts
Texas businesses with 2-50 eligible employees may obtain small-employer coverage from an insurance company or a health maintenance organization (HMO). Eligible employees are those who usually work at least 30 hours per week and are not already covered by another group health plan. Sole proprietors, partners, and independent contractors are also eligible employees.

If you decide to offer a health plan to your employees, you must make it equally available to all of your eligible employees and their dependents.

You can choose to make employees who enroll in a plan wait up to 60 days before being eligible for benefits. The carrier may not charge you or the employee a premium during this period.

At least 75% of a small employer's eligible employees must participate in the health plan for the employer to obtain coverage. Carriers must always "round down" when calculation the number of eligible employees. For example, a five-employee group would achieve 75% participation if three eligible employees participate. Seventy-five percent of five is 3.75 and 3.75 rounded down is three.

However, in the case of a business with only two eligible employees, the law requires 100% participation. (A husband and a wife group is a special situation that we would consult with you.)

If you provide a health plan for groups 20and over, state regulations and a federal law called COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) allows employees to maintain benefits for a period of time after separation from the job. It is your legal responsibility to inform employees of their rights to continue coverage. Former employees who choose to continue their coverage through COBRA or state continuation must pay the full cost of the plan. You are not obligated to contribute toward their premiums, even if you previously paid a share. Ask your carrier about your responsibilities regarding COBRA.

The law doesn't require employers to contribute toward health benefit premiums. However, may carriers require employers to pay at least 50% of the plan's premiums. Employers may choose to pay a higher percentage than the carrier requires.

Insurers cannot require businesses to purchase additional lines of insurance, such as life insurance or disability insurance, as a condition of the sale of a health plan.

Complete the group census form and send to us for a quote.

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